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Jim "JB" Baltas, Highway Commissioner

Jim Baltas Highway Commissioner

Phone: (815) 478-3123


Office open by appointment only.

The Road District is responsible for 51 miles in the 36 square miles of Manhattan Township.  The primary mission of the Road District is to maintain Township roads in a manner which provides safe travel for the public at a reasonable cost.  The services required to provide this level of maintenance can be achieved through the efforts of the internal department staff and by securing the specialized services of private contractors.

The Road District currently operates with a small full-time staff supplemented by part time and seasonal employees. This arrangement allows the department to not only provide baseline services throughout the year at a minimal cost to the taxpayers but to also have the ability to increase manpower when necessary.  This enables us to meet seasonal requirements such as snow plowing and mowing of right of ways.  Larger projects, such as paving, is provided by contractors specializing in roadway construction.