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Manhattan Township Assessor

Welcome and I hope you find the information you are looking for from the Assessor's Office.  Since this data is subject to change during a calendar year it is only considered reference information.  Also due to the complexity of commercial and industrial parcels because of the differences in their use, plus some have multiple buildings, the web property record is only a summary of the data for what is viewed in the photo and sketch. Regarding any questions of accuracy or additional information for commercial, farm, industrial, or residential parcels, please Contact the Manhattan Township Assessor's Office.  

Telephone: (815) 478-5154

Email: (Please copy and paste email address into your email client to send)

Regarding Property Assessments and Property Taxes
Property taxes are paid in arrears, taxes paid in the current year are based on the prior year assessed values.  On this site the prior years assessed value will be displayed from January 1st of each new year thru July of the new year.  The current year assessed values will be displayed from August 1st of the new year thru December 31st the end of the current year.  Current year assessment changes are not final until after the Will County Board of Review closes at the end of the current year.

Illinois Property Tax Bill Basis
Illinois Property tax bill is always based on the prior year total assessed value. To estimate the tax bill first subtract any exemptions you are receiving from the total assessed value. Then multiply the result by the most current tax rate shown on the Property Record Card that is not zero. General Homestead Exemption amount = 6,000 a regular Senior Exemption = 5,000 must be age 65 or greater to receive the Regular Senior. Other exemptions:

  • Senior Freeze (household income must be under $65,000 per year plus age 65 and over).
  • Home Improvement Exemption (is a 4-year exemption if you add a qualifying improvement to your primary residence that adds to the building assessment).  
  • Disabled Person or Disabled Veteran.  See for all exemptions.

Exemption and Tax Bill Information
The assessor's office does not log a parcel's total exemption amount; see for Exemption and Tax Bill information.

Will County Web Search: enter the PIN starting with the Manhattan County Code 14.  Example 14 12 01 100 001 0000.  Click "Search" on the next page that appears click on the parcel ID (PIN) then click Will County Treasurer to view information.  Below is a sample tax bill calculation. 

Total Assessed Value = 120,000, and tax rate = .103267 or 10.3267 per 100 of total assessed value.
Example 1: 120,000 - 6000 = 114,000 x .103267 = $11,772.44
Example 2: 120,000 - 6000 = 114,000 / 100 = 1,140 x 10.3267 = $11,772.44

Assessment Appeal Information
Time to file an assessment appeal starts about August 1st with a 30-day window to file an assessment appeal.  Deadline to file an assessment appeal is about September 12, 2022 this filing period can vary by a few days depending on the Will County Tax Cycle.  To get the exact appeal deadline date call the Will County Supervisor of Assessments Office each year at (815) 740-4648.

Prior to filing a Formal Assessment Appeal I encourage all real estate property owners to call or email me.  Please read Assessment Change Information for 2022.  When a property owner and the assessor cannot agree on any adjustment the Formal Assessment Appeal process is available to any owner.  Formal Assessment Appeals are filed on-line, download an appeal form at and follow the instructions.  The Will County Supervisor of Assessments Office is located at 302 N. Chicago Street 60432 downtown Joliet, Illinois. (815) 740-4648

Read more about the appeal process »