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Manhattan Township Land Section Map (View Will County Parcel Maps at:

Map secti0on detail

Typical PIN breakdown example: 14-12-01-100-001-0000. 

14 - County Code for Manhattan Township. The county code is not used in this database. 

12 - Township Number for Manhattan.

01 - Township Land Section# typically there are 36 land sections per township.  See Map information for a more detailed explanation.

100 - Block# in a 1/4 section of a whole land section.  These 3 digits are sometimes called the Area Number.  There can be several Block Numbers within the same 1/4 section identifying different blocks of individual land parcels. Example: 100, 101,102 each will identify a an area in the same quarter section. In a given land section.  The 100 series Block# are located in NW 1/4 (northwest quarter of a whole section), 
200 series Block# are located in the NE 1/4, 300 series Block# are located in the SW 1/4, and 400 series Block# are located in the SE 1/4. 

001 - Lot# the individual land parcel within the Block# area.  

0000 - Other Information when the last four digits are all zeroes do not convey any information.  The last four digits are used to identify two parts of a parcel with a split tax code.  They also can be used to identify individual condo units in a multi-condo complex.


Complete Township Land Section Map

Township section map