Manhattan Township Assessor's Office

Joseph (Joe) R. Oldani
230 Wabash Street
Manhattan IL 60442
(815) 478-5154 Telephone  Fax (815) 680-5595


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Required Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Public Body Information

Manhattan Township Elected Officials Offices with Public Information

Supervisor Clerk Road Commissioner Assessor
FOIA Officer FOIA Officer James "JB" Baltas FOIA Officer
James F. Walsh Kelly Baltas FOIA Officer Joseph R. Oldani
230 Wabash St. 230 Wabash St. Kelly Baltas 230 Wabash St.
Manhattan, IL 60442 Manhattan, IL 60442 24645 Eastern Ave. Manhattan, IL 60442
Ph. (815) 592-2303 Ph. (815) 680-5591 Manhattan, IL 60442 Ph. (815) 478-5154
FAX (815) 478-5763 FAX (815) 478-5763 Ph. (815) 478-3123 FAX (815) 680-5595
FAX (815) 478-5763 Township Collector
Township Trustees:  Eileen Fitzer, Mark Yunker, William McGrath, and Paul Woodcock

Public Body Description:  Manhattan Township local government body representing the jurisdiction of Manhattan Township a thirty-six square mile township located in Will County, Illinois.  Elected officials are elected for a four year term.
Public Body Purpose:  Manhattan Township provides the following services to unincorporated Manhattan Township:  Development planning and road maintenance.  In addition it provides assessment of real property for taxation and general assistance to both incorporated and unincorporated areas of Manhattan Township.
Public Body Budget:  Fiscal year begins April 1, of each year.  2019-2020 Budget Amount $444,725
Public Body Employees:  Number of Employees for 2019 full time = 2 part time = 11

How to get public information:  Anyone who wants to get public information will be referred to as a Requestor.  A Requestor must submit a FOIA Request to the Public Body's FOIA Officer in writing.  The FOIA Request does not have to be submitted on any specific form.  However, a FOIA Officer may offer a form for efficiency on typically requested information.  The FOIA Request does not have to state the person's name or the reason the person is seeking the information.  The FOIA Request should include contact information for the Requestor in the event the terminology used in the request is not clear or specific enough for the FOIA Officer to understand what information is being requested.  A FOIA Request should not be too categorical in nature and incapable of being narrowed or reduced to keep from being "unduly burdensome" under FOIA.  More FOIA information is available at .
FOIA Request Fees:  For black and white 8.5" x 11' copies $1.00 per page plus postage payable in advance.  For color copies or abnormal size copies, the fee is the actual cost of reproduction.  Electronic data when available the fee is for the cost of the recording medium such as a CD plus a per hour fee to extract the electronic data from the database.  In some cases the fee may be dependent upon an outside vendor with the expertise to extract the desired data.  The State of Illinois FOIA (5 ILCS 140/6) (from Ch. 116, par. 206) Sec. 6 covers the authority to charge fees.  In paragraph (a) there is an exception to the Act stated fee policy "unless otherwise provided by State statute.  The Illinois Department of Revenue Property Tax Code Title 86 Part 110 Section 110.130 paragraph (b) it states upon request and payment of a reasonable fee established by the custodian.  Commercial request require a longer response time and fees.
FOIA Request Time Line:  Normally the FOIA Request should be ready for pickup 5-working days after the FOIA Officer receives the FOIA Request.  The FOIA Officer must notify the requestor in writing within 5-business days if the FOIA Request will take an additional 5-business days.  To extend the time more than 10-business days will require a written agreement between the Requestor and the FOIA Officer.
Assessor's Office:  Property Record Cards (PRCs) are the most requested documents.  PRCs contain the following data:  Assessment, Land Information, Permit Information, Sale Information, Building details, Building Sketch, and Photo.  PRCs have 2-pages side 1 & 2.  PRC side 1 is the same for all classes of property; farm, commercial, industrial, and residential.  PRC side 2 has two versions residential / farm and commercial / industrial.  The on-line version of the PRCs or Tax Extimate see links above may have the information you are seeking.  In this instant please do not sent a FOIA Request.   Send a FOIA Request to the Assessor at  To send a FOIA request to the Township Supervisor or Township Clerk send to their email listed on the Home Page