Manhattan Township Assessor's Office

Joseph (Joe) R. Oldani
230 Wabash Street
Manhattan IL 60442
(815) 478-5154 Telephone Fax (815) 680-5595


 Vacant Land Sales 
from 1-1-2000
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Deeds and Green Sheets can be researched using the Will County Recorder's Office Document# at the Will County Bldg. 
302 N. Chicago St. Joliet, IL  A "yes" in the Multi Column indicates more than one parcel included with the 
sale. See comment for details.  The sales information for multi-parcel sales are recorded on each PIN but the 
Document#, Sale Date, Sale Price, etc. is the same.  The multi-parcel sales data is documented this way to be 
consistent with Will County per requirement of the Illinois Department of Revenue.
  Parcel can be located 
on the Map Link using the
Map#.  Caution:  Do not interpret  multi-parcel sales as separate 
sales even though each PIN included in the sale is listed separately.  Print in Landscape Layout.

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