Manhattan Township Assessor's Office

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230 Wabash Street
Manhattan IL 60442
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The Assessor's Office most requested documents are Property Record Cards (PRCs).  PRCs contain the following data:  Assessment, Land Information, Permit Information, Sale Information, Building details, Building Sketch, and Photo.  PRCs have 2-pages side 1 & 2.  Side 1 is the same for all classes of property; farm, commercial, industrial, and residential.  Side 2 has two versions residential / farm and commercial / industrial.  The on-line version of a PRC or Tax Extimate may have the information you are seeking (see links above).  In this instant please do not sent a FOIA Request. 
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  Enter a detailed FOIA Request description below.  Example: I want Property Records for parcels x, y, z.  Use parcel identification numbers (PIN) when available or parcel address to identify the properties x, y, z.  I will notify you when it is ready.
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