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To Whom It May Concern:

    Before becoming the Manhattan Township Assessor during the 1980's I spent about four years lobbing for property tax reform.  I favor a flat rate income tax to the real estate property tax.  During that time I testified twice before the Illinois Senate Revenue Committee.  Since property tax reform is a current topic because Market Value of homes continue to increase causing higher property taxes I decided to make available my testimony along with its supporting reference material.  Property Tax Reform Testimony by Joseph R. Oldani
    Also there were two Illinois Senate bill proposed at that time introduced by former Illinois Senator George E. Sangmeister, 42nd District.  Senate Bill 711 proposed a state wide advisory referendum asking the voters opinion of increasing the Illinois State Income Tax and reducing the property tax proportionately.  Senate Bill 712 was the actual proposed bill to make this change in school funding.  Senate Bill 711 made it to a third reading but was never voted on.  Senate Bill 712 was held in committee and was placed in a subcommittee for further study.  See Senator's Sangmeister letter to me.

    Proposed Senate Bill 711

    Proposed Senate Bill 712