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 Assessment Appeal Forms see instructions below.
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Will County Board of Review Assessment Appeal Forms available at

Click:  Board of Review along the left side of the page.  Choose Assessment Appeal Process.

Scroll Down:  To the bottom of the Rules Page to select the appropriate Assessment Appeal Form.

Typically you will need some property record cards for your appeal there are two sides to each property record card.  To present a good appeal my best advice is to choose at least three or four comparable properties as close in building details and extra amenities as possible.  Remember your evidence must appear to be greater than the assessor's evidence.  The office policy is no charge for typical request as described above.  Excessive demands for printed copies for personal or commercial use will be fee based and would require up to twenty-one days to prepare the copies.  The fee for other document greater than 8 inch by 11 inch size; such as color or other sizes will include material cost plus the cost of reproduction from a company to which the request is out sourced.