Welcome to Manhattan Township Office 230 Wabash Street Village of Manhattan
Monthly Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of each month 7:00 p.m.

Assessor's Office Record Search Last update 03-27-2017

Elected Township Officials Names Contact Information
Supervisor James F. Walsh (815) 592-2303 moomoo1949@att.net
Trustee Eileen Fitzer (815) 478-7101 EileenFitzer@yahoo.com
Trustee John "Jack" Fitzgerald (815) 478-3734
Trustee William McGrath (815) 405-3624 McGraths66.Bill@gmail.com     
Trustee Paul Woodcock Mugsybow@yahoo.com
Clerk Kathy Brandau (815) 791-1400 kbrandau@geeins.com
Collector Barbara Daugherty (815) 478-3913 Bdaugherty@krausonline.com
Assessor - Web Contact Joseph "Joe" Oldani Phone (815) 478-5154
FAX (815) 680-5595
Road Commissioner James "JB" Baltas Ph (815) 478-3123
FAX 478-5763

Notice:  Annual Town Meeting April 11, 2017 7:00 pm.  Agenda

Notice:  Senior Exemption Sign Up Event:  A Will County Representative will be at the Manhattan Public Library on Friday, April 21, 2017 between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm no appointments necessary.  

Notice:  To rent the Manhattan Township Community Center for your event, please contact Trustee William McGrath contact information shown above.

NOTICE:  2016 Revised Assessments now posted to web. Assessment Change Information
Those attending will be able to view the township offices for the supervisor, clerk, assessor, and the town hall.  The Manhattan Food Pantry was also relocated to this building and can be viewed by the visitors.
Township officials are especially proud of the Hall, which is available for rental for meetings, showers, parties, etc.  The hall is also used as a polling place for elections.
The Manhattan Township Board purchased the former Alexander Lumber property on Wabash Street in 2014.  Over the past two years, the brick building on the property has been completely remodeled to include the hall, offices, and food pantry.  A paved parking lot was also added for the convenience of those visiting or using the building. 

Township Services 
Food Pantry Information & Schedule Revised 1-12-2017
General Assistance - Contact James Walsh (815) 592-2303
Community Center - Contact James Walsh (815) 592-2303
Road Commissioner Office and Township Garage 24645 Eastern Ave. (815) 478-3123
Freedom of Information (FOIA)

Assessor Office Information:
Assessor's Office Record Search
last update 02-13-2016.  2016 Assessments now available for real estate taxes payable in 2017. 

Assessor's Office located at 230 Wabash St. Ph. (815) 478-5154 Fax (815) 680-5595
Current Hours:  1:00 pm. - 4:00 pm. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday except for state and federal holidays.  Leave your telephone message anytime (815) 478-5154, I will return your call.  Also a message can be typed here Contact Assessor
Longer office hours will be available when the assessor office personnel will be doing field inspections typically May 15th through October 31st.  Also during assessment appeal time that starts about August 1st with a 30-day window to file an assessment appeal.  Deadline to file a 2016 assessment appeal is September 6, 2016.
Assessment Appeal Information:
Prior to filing a Formal Assessment Appeal I encourage all real estate property owners to read Assessment Change Information for 2016.  Formal Assessment Appeals are filed at the Will County Supervisor of Assessments Office (815) 740-4648 located at 302 N. Chicago Street downtown Joliet, Illinois.  Assessment Appeal Forms are available on-line at
Please call the office during July for the exact start and end date to file an assessment appeal because the dates can change from year to year slightly dependent upon the Will County Tax Cycle.

NOTICE:  On February 20, 2016 Electronic Recycling will permanently close at the township garage located at 24645 S. Eastern Ave.  The vendor that was providing this service to the county will no longer available.  As a possible alternative the Manhattan Township and the Village of Manhattan is considering a collection day on a future date.